How to Apply Vert Shock Program

Do you want to enroll in academy? Or do you want to be accepted in military? Well, having the dream of being accepted in academy or military is such a great dream. Everyone who have the strong willingness in enrolling themselves in academy or military will try hard to prepare everything. But commonly the problem is about the height. As we know that military or academy has the special requirement of the minimum height. Then, what will you do if you face this kind of condition? Never mind, you can have the vert shock therapy for it.

Have you ever heard about vert shock before? Actually, this is such a good therapy that you can choose for improving or increasing your height. Vert shock is firstly introduced by Adam Folker, an ex-UC Irvine NCAA player and now becomes the professional Basketball player. He is the first who developed the program of Vert Shock. This program takes for about 8 weeks for the training and here you need to have the strong commitment and willingness to do the therapy. (more…)

Fusion Handles for a Perfect Dunk

Want to be perfect in dunking? You have tried many efforts to add your vertical jump but it does not give any result? Just try Fusion Handles to improve your ability in dunking. But first, what is Fusion Handles? Fusion Handles has become a program designed for you who want to add inches for your vertical jump. The training is about to add 9 until 15 inches of vertical jump in eight weeks. The best score for vertical jump is when a person can do the vertical jump until 40 inches. This vertical jump training is suitable for basketball player. But, it is can be beneficial for the sport player too such as, baseball player, volleyball player, football player, martial artist, and many more. (more…)

How to Improve Muscle Strength

Recent research has found that engaging in such short and explosive leg contraction can be the effective way to improve muscle strength. Well, such strength training is actually known as such effective stuff that can boost someone’s physical performance as well as individual’s health. People of any age and any condition are recommended to do such training in order to stay fit. In the case of this explosive contraction training, this exercise is considered as easy and it also less exhausting. However, you are still able to increase your muscle strength with this exercise. (more…)

Learn the trick: Vert Shock

Are you a basketball player? If you are the one, then you must know that jumping is the trickiest problem in the game. You can do any effort in perfecting your performance, be it about building the stamina, increasing the speed, developing your shoot; and improving your jumping is the hardest thing to do. Jumping is usually seen as a big obstacle as it takes challenging steps in making it perfect. Yet, you stop thinking about how hard it is because Vert Shock helps you to think that jumping higher is possible and easy.

Few years ago, a man named Adam Folker had some studies about how to improve the essential move in basketball, jumping. As similar as many other basketball player, he had seen how jumping can be a vital and significant move in playing basketball. Doing a perfect three-point shot is splendid, but to slam the ball through the basket from the above the rim is the greatest feeling ever. Adam Folker realizes about the fact and along with the expert of vertical jump, Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, he creates a superb program to enhance the skill in jumping, called Vert Shock. (more…)

How to Stay Healthy with 3 Minutes Exercise a Week

Now, it is possible for you to stay healthy with 3 minutes exercise only per week. New research has been revealed that High Intensity Training can give such benefits for someone’s health. This training will make you do some shorts bursts of effortful and intense exercises with quick recovery break only in between. This training system is not new, but it comes to prominent in recent years because more researchers have investigated as well as measured its benefits for health. Actually, there are some kinds of High Intensity Training and it depends on the duration and intensity of the effortful burst. (more…)