How to Apply Vert Shock Program

Do you want to enroll in academy? Or do you want to be accepted in military? Well, having the dream of being accepted in academy or military is such a great dream. Everyone who have the strong willingness in enrolling themselves in academy or military will try hard to prepare everything. But commonly the problem is about the height. As we know that military or academy has the special requirement of the minimum height. Then, what will you do if you face this kind of condition? Never mind, you can have the vert shock therapy for it.

Have you ever heard about vert shock before? Actually, this is such a good therapy that you can choose for improving or increasing your height. Vert shock is firstly introduced by Adam Folker, an ex-UC Irvine NCAA player and now becomes the professional Basketball player. He is the first who developed the program of Vert Shock. This program takes for about 8 weeks for the training and here you need to have the strong commitment and willingness to do the therapy.

For your information, there are three phases that you should face in the vert shock therapy. The first is called as pre-shock phase. In this phase, the body is prepared for the remaining of the course. In this phase, you will need for about 45 to 60 minute of workouts. Next is the shock phase, it takes for about 2 until 7 weeks. The exercises are extremely varied in this phase and you need to have the consistency for doing the therapy in this case. Third is the post shock phase in which you will need the last week of the therapy. In general, the therapy will take for about 8 weeks for the whole duration of the therapy. Of course if you want to have the best result of the vertical jump training, you should be consistent.