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Marketing review

Principal Sports Management Group LLC (PSMG), which owns and operates the Kodak EasyShare Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team, has compiled a detailed Marketing Review of events, media coverage, and promotions for the 2018 season. The review will be updated throughout the rest of the season.


The "Marketing Review", as referred to below, refers to all information contained within the web folder

The Marketing Review is intended for use only by PSMG and its current or potential sponsors.

Current and potential sponsors may be assigned a unique user ID and password at PSMG's discretion. Each user ID may be used only by staff of the company to which it has been assigned and for the sole purpose of evaluating existing or future sponsorship agreements with PSMG.

Any use of the Marketing Review by other cycling properties or to evaluate other cycling properties is prohibited unless approved in writing by PSMG. The Marketing Review is protected by international copyright law.

By clicking on the link below and entering a valid user ID and password, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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If you would like to receive a user ID and password, contact Josh Kadis, PSMG marketing manager

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